About 5hanayome

It’s the second iteration of Plume instance on this domain name. It’s my personal instance, but if you want to get account here - dm me on matrix - finn:tomesh.net or on fedi - @finn@mk.absturztau.be. I will write here mostly in Ukrainian and in English from time to time.

Runs Plume 0.7.2

Fediverse Friendly Moderation Covenant2

Fediverse Friendly Moderation Covenant has been archived This instance commits to the following

  1. Administration and Moderation will be handled as neutral as possible

Reports and widespread information on specific instances (often known as bad actors) will be verified and actions might be taken as necessary.

  1. Actions taken will respond to the bare minimum to keep the network operating and not influence the ability of the instances users to connect to other people
  1. We won’t recommend blocks

Blocklists and block recommendations as an information source are taken for granted but lack accurate verification. Instead of using these options to publicly announce instances of questionable intent, we will inform local users of such, with the reminder of possible personal options for hiding content that might impact their experience of the network.

  1. No Guilt-by-Association/Federation

If we have applied any action against Instance X, an Instance Y that federates with them will not get the same judgement applied to them. A natural connection, as by the networks design, does not imply shared interests and thus doesn’t warrant the same moderation methods.

Regardless of all given points above, in special cases the instance moderation/administration might still opt to block an instance, while this is tried to be avoided at most.

This Covenant is based on The Fediverse-Friendly Moderation Covenant and is licensed under CC0

Rules of this instance are pretty simple:

  1. Don’t post Illegal Content. 1.1. Pornographic materials involving minors, animals and/or violence (i will delete your account if i see you posting such stuff) 1.2. Lolicon
  2. CW stuff that is NSFW
  3. And most important of all: Be excellent to each other
  4. You shouldn’t be supporter of russian war against Ukraine
  5. No russians